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Seeker | Practitioner | Teacher | philosopher

Darius J Wright is a prolific OBE explorer of the unseen realms beyond the physical. Since he was a small child, Darius has been “awake” to the nature of reality, experiencing things that others around him couldn’t understand. Through years of practice and exploration, Darius has developed the ability to access the other side through the out of body state, unlocking the secrets of the unseen realms.

At the age of 16, Darius had a life-changing encounter during sleep when he was taken outside of the physical construct by a being named Celeste. This event opened Darius’s eyes to the vastness and realness of the other side, a realm where there are no limitations and one has the freedom to explore and experience anything imaginable. Since then, Darius has had numerous out of body experiences, delving into different dimensions and encountering various beings who have shared insights and information with him.

Darius’s journey has not only been about exploring the metaphysical realm, but also about the health of the body. He has delved into the depths of his own consciousness, awakening dormant abilities we all have access to. Through his personal experiences and interactions on the other side, Darius has gained deep insights into the nature of reality and beyond the physical realm.

With a passion for sharing his knowledge, Darius has been teaching and speaking publicly about the out of body state and metaphysics. Darius’s teachings include the health of the physical body & awakening the dormant abilities to access the other side.


Lisa M Harrison

Lisa M Harrison began her online career in 2009 interviewing individuals on the subjects of ascension, 2012, spirituality, natural healing, geo politics, black projects and our secret history among others.

Interviewees include: David Icke, Andrew Basiago (US Presidential Candidate 2016), John Lamb Lash, Dr Bruce Lipton, Max Ian, Michael Tsarion and many more.

Lisa has spent most of her life on her own personal spiritual journey over which time she has had many breakthroughs, insights and experiences that have led her to a greater understanding of the nature of our reality. Lisa came to the conclusion that we are living in a holographic virtual reality.

In 2016 something remarkable happened. A being from outside this reality made contact with Lisa, a being she subsequently named Leeloo after the character in the 5th Element Movie.

Leeloo confirmed many of these understandings about our reality but also provided much more information about our History, current situation and potential future,

Lisa’s relationship with lee loo and others from ‘Home’ is ongoing.



Athena is an intuitive empath, a seer, and explorer of multidimensional timelines. She moves through the Universal Field to explore her own personal abilities and is on a journey of sharing all that she has come to know about this Universe.

Athena accesses the knowledge contained within this Universal Field through aspects of her Prime Consciousness within other Realms and the dimensions within those Realms. Athena also accesses and explores the Universal Hall of Records to observe events as they are occurring, or that have previously occurred, that have affected the evolutionary path of Humanity.
It is through this exploration and journey, through the Universal Realms and the Records, that Athena has come to know that all Humans have the ability to do the same. It is our Natural Right to use these abilities to explore, access and connect in with our multidimensionality. We each can see the unseen, connect with all of our aspects and with other multidimensional Beings and above all else discover the Truth that is contained within the Universal Field.

While Athena is on her own journey of exploring her own multidimensional self and expanding her own abilities, she sharing the information that she accesses regarding all that is occurring in this Universal Experience. Athena also shares her perspective, guidance and tools that can help those seeking to navigate the Field and expand their awareness.

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